Refurbished Smartphones Explained

What Are Refurbished Phones?

A refurbished mobile phone, smartphone or tablet is a device that has been previously used or is second hand. The device is then reconditioned or repaired and is thoroughly cleaned in an ultra-sonic bath to ensure its almost as good as new. 

Each component and device functions is then quality control tested to determine a grade for the device. Grade A implies that the device is in pristine condition and no flaws. Grade B that there's some cosmetic damage such as a scratch, Grade C that there's multiple scratches. All three Grade categories still result in a fully functional device without faults. 

Why buy a refurbished device or phone?

A refurbished phone means massive savings compared to buying a brand new device. You still get the same functionality, but at a fraction of the cost. In a way you're doing alittle something for the environment as well - recycling mobile phones and reconditioning reduces waste and improves the carbon footprint. Plus all our refurbished phones and tabled come as standard:

- Unlocked - Meaning you can use any network provider or Sim on the device.

- 14 day money back guarantee

- 3 Months Warranty (Doesn't cover accidental damage)

- Quality control tested